Why My Big Rocks: Samantha to Danielle

Bigs: Mentors, best friends, shoulders to cry on and so much more.

An interview with Samantha Sturtevant on her big, Danielle Farrar:

My big rocks because she is real. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her, and I love that! She’s so funny, outgoing and is always there when I need her.”

My “love story” with my big actually started on Bid Day. She was one of the first people I met at the house. So when we went on a sponsor date and found out we had met earlier, we clicked right away especially while talking about our love of VH1 countdown shows. We only went on one sponsor date, but we both knew we had found our big/little pair.”

My big is always there for me no matter what. I can tell her anything, and she doesn’t judge. She was really there for me when I was going through a rough patch during spring semester. I was just done with school, people and just wanted to go home. But she calmed me down, talked me through it all, and made me feel a lot better and not so homesick. I will probably always be thankful for that moment.”




Littles, if you would like to brag on your big, message me on the Phi Upsilon Facebook page!


Spring Sing 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, we went for the gold & came out with it!

Expensive frappuccinos, names never spelt correctly, and a place everyone has to admit they have been to a few times – what is the first thing that comes to mind? The Phi Upsilon Tri Delta chapter performed in Spring Sing 2014 with the theme “Starbucks,” during Mom’s Day on April 5, 2014 with the men of Kappa Sigma.

Spring Sing’s theme this year was Roar, and all 11 pairings were required to incorporate a Katy Perry song into their show. The Phi Upsilon chapter won Outstanding Large Ensemble, Best Costumes, and First Place. The fearless directors were **Gamma Chi** (junior), Lisa Patrick (junior), Claire Patton (sophomore), and Elizabeth Gates (freshman).

The show stole laughs by mentioning complicated drink orders, baristas always spelling names incorrectly, and how Starbucks does not compare to local coffee shops. **Gamma Chi**, Claire Patton, Lindsey Sutton (senior), and Mary Mackin (sophomore) participated in either a duet or an ensemble, and Taylor Rogers (freshman) had a solo.

 Spring Sing 2014 Spring Sing 2014 1 Spring Sing 2014 2 Spring Sing 2014 3 Spring Sing 2014 4

Pansy Brunch Celebration

Pledge Class 2009

Pledge Class 2009

This afternoon, we celebrated our annual Pansy Brunch! This brunch is an opportunity for our chapter, local alumnae and the parents of seniors to honor our graduating members for their dedication to Phi Upsilon. Today, we celebrated pledge class 2009 seniors and everything these outstanding Delta ladies have brought to our chapter. Senior, Sara Fevurly, was honored with receiving the Mildred Iota Award and was the first runner-up for the Sarah Ida Shaw Award!

Thank you to the parents, alumnae and sisters who came to celebrate today. Most importantly, thank you seniors for being an invaluable part of Phi Upsilon and continuing our legacy at Oklahoma State University. However, it doesn’t end here because being a woman of Tri Delta is something for life, not just four years.